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Kenneth Winston 1745

  • Kenneth Winston 1745
  • Kenneth Winston 1745
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    The Kenneth Winston 1745 features a stunning sheer bodice design by using champagne as base to blend with the skin tone, then adorned it with a beaded embroidery lace pattern. The embroidery uses high shimmer metallic threading to blend in the sparkle from the bead patterns.

    At the waist it is tapered down with the bead density which allows the embroidery to flow the pattern into the soft organza skirt. This is where layering in the asymmetric skirt pieces expands on the movement created by the embroidery appliques.

    The layers of the organza start to pick up a slight blush tone from the champagne. The metallic threaded embroidery pieces lightly flow downward and accent the skirt.

    It is available in three colour options:  Champagne/Silver (Pictured) – Ivory/Silver – White/Silver

    Sample Location: Chepstow

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