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Kenneth Winston 1727

  • Kenneth Winston 1727
  • Kenneth Winston 1727
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    The Kenneth Winston 1727  features stunning pearl and clear beading patterns in a back neckdrop necklace element, adding draping and movement. Hidden buttons anchor these strands, allowing it to be detachable.

    An embroidered Venice lace was used to create intricate floral patterns.The lace applique is lightly accented with pearl and bead elements to create subtle sparkle. Layering an almond toned stretch satin underlayer brings out the richness of the lace design.

    The lace applique transitions into a soft tulle skirt starting at the hip. The satin layer is shortened to further emphasize the tulle train’s light texture.

    It is available in three colour options:  Almond/Ivory Silver (Pictured) – Ivory/Ivory Silver – White/White Silver

    Sample Location: Chepstow

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